Photography provided by Fuchsia Lin

We have been awarded a 2017 Regional Arts and Culture Council Grant Award, and successfully raised $12,004 through our crowdfunding campaign and individual donations.

These funds are being used to create one-of-a-kind choreography during rehearsals, complete pre-production on handmade exquisite costumes, set design, film rehearsals for creating storyboards and shots lists, so that we can start filming the summer of 2018. 

We need to raise an additional $4,000 by August 5, 2018, to complete the filming of our choreographed scenes in August 2018, where we will be filming in the studio and outdoors on location in the Pacific Northwest. 

These funds will also go towards hiring a crew of professionals, (Camera Operators, Lighting Specialist, Assistant Director, Hair/Make-up Artists, Wardrobe Stylist), equipment rental (lights, camera gear, film insurance)  for our filming sessions, and our filming costs to shoot at the Oregon Coast (transportation, lodging). 

Please click the Donate button above and link to our fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas, for a tax deductible donation opportunity as well as an opportunity to support outstanding artists.



Photography provided by Fuchsia Lin